Transporters protesting against hike in toll tax at Peshawar Islamabad Motorway. – Photo by Asif Javed

PESHAWAR, 18 November: The authorities have reversed the decision of increase in toll tax on the Motorway after protest by the transporters at Peshawar Interchange.

The National Highway Authority (NHA) had increased toll tax from passenger vehicles travelling on the Motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad from Rs250 to Rs600 recently. Toll tax for travel to other cities was also doubled.

The transporters of Peshawar had staged a protest at Peshawar Interchange and warned that they will block the Motorway and use GT Road if the decision of increase in the toll tax was not taken back.

The drivers of flying coaches were also complaining that their vehicles were also included in the list of coasters to pay higher rates of toll tax. They said the flying coach can carry 15 passengers, while coasters can carry 30 passengers, but the toll tax was same.

The NHA has now excluded flying coaches from the list of coasters.

The transporters have welcomed both the decisions of the NHA. A driver said the transporters have taken a sigh of relief after reversal of the hike in toll taxes.

“The toll plaza officials were receiving Rs610 from me for my coaster, but now they are receiving Rs250 and life has become easier for me,” a driver told TNN.