Saman Khalil

PESHAWAR: There is a trend in our society that people born with some deficiency or who suffer any problem due to a mishap face taunts from people for no reason which make their lives difficult.

Anam suffered burn injuries in her childhood in an incident and she underwent dozens of surgeries and used a lot of medicines to be able to live normally again. There are still some burn marks on her face, but her main tension is something else, and that is taunts by people.

Some people ask about her wellbeing in such a manner which instead of giving her sense of sympathy, give him mental torture because these words of so-called sympathy come under the cover of taunts and sarcasm. Non only the girl, her parents also face mental torture on routine basis in shape of troubling questions like who will marry your daughter now? And how she will face the challenges of life alone?

Anam said she was very young and playing with other children when she lighted fire just for fun, but it went out of control and injured her badly. She said she remembers that some hospitals excused from her treatment and then she was taken to a private hospital where her parents were told that she might not survive. She said her parents were extremely perturbed and they were ready to do anything to save her life.

Anam said people routinely come to enquire about her wellbeing, utter few words of sympathy and leave. She said she heard her aunt saying to her mom what wat the sin of this child that she got such a huge punishment. She said her comments hurt her further.

Anam had a difficult time at school as well where children used to call her with different names. “Once, children said while looking towards my face that she has come from a witch-house.”

She is also fed up of ‘free advice’ from different people to get rid of the burn marks on her face, as some of the advices are very stupid and strange. However, she said still make-up specialists hide her marks on face when she goes to a beauty parlor, and she also gets her photos photoshoped.

Anam has realized the fact that she has to live with it and ignore people’s comments to avoid being a depression patient.


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