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PESHAWAR: The act of depriving others of their valuables, goods and money without their knowledge is commonly referred to as theft. It can be as big a thing as a car or as small as a book or pen. If the person committing the act intends to possess it permanently then it falls under the category of theft and is hence considered a grave crime.

Motive behind theft

The majority of people commit this horrific act out of habit in order to make money. These people are usually sluggish and find it simpler to deprive others of their possessions than to work for themselves.

In rare situations, the person involved in this heinous act suffers from kleptomania, a psychological disorder, in which he tries to relieve his melancholy and anxiety by stealing things, which leads to extreme pleasure.

Such folks, on the other hand, feel immensely bad and guilty later because theft is never their objective. Their primary goal is to obtain the same sense of fulfilment that they get from stealing.

Whatever the motivation for this act, the repercussions are serious, and the perpetrator should be prosecuted according to the law.


However, there are some more widespread sorts of theft, and people should be aware of them to be on the safe side.

Robbery is one of the most common and dangerous types of theft because the perpetrator uses violence and physical abuse to rob people of your goods. In this situation, the thieves will not hesitate to use their lethal weapons against the person robbed, and the victim may risk life in case of offering resistance.


It’s similar to robbery, but the chances of the criminal personally knowing you are significantly higher with burglary. They frequently visit your home and render you unconscious by forcing you to eat or smell sedatives. This type of theft is particularly risky because you are never on the lookout for such individuals.


This type of thief would deceive people into believing that they are helping, and the victim would willingly hand over your precious documents or valuables to them without understanding their true intentions. Typically, a large mafia is engaged in this instance, which targets and loots random persons.


One of the other major sorts of theft that occurs regularly is shoplifting. In this sort of stealing, the criminal enters a retail store or shop and cruises the aisles pretending to be a customer. Even though most stores have CCTV cameras installed, such criminals are so skilled that they either hide the products in their bags or pockets or even wear them, leaving no trace of their heinous act.

How to keep safe from theft?

In order to avoid getting robbed and becoming a victim of theft, one needs to keep the following points in mind.

  • If one notices something sceptical going around or someone acting suspiciously, police must be contacted right away.
  • Try to keep your phone and wallet in your hand if you’re in a department store. Don’t allow the pickpocket an opportunity to loot you because these venues are generally packed and the odds of individuals brushing against you are increased.
  • Always try to park car in a crowded or secure area to reduce the chances of being targeted by criminals.
  • To avoid any mishaps, try keeping your house’s doors and windows closed, even when you’re inside.
  • While you’re out on the street, try to be aware of your surroundings and keep on high alert for any mishaps.
  • Even if it is a shortcut, try to avoid deserted regions and take the crowded areas and streets on your route back home.

Theft, whether large-scale or small-scale, is a serious crime. So, if something unusual about someone is noticed, police must be informed right away to protect personal belongings or information.



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