North Waziristan Life
Traffic congestion in Mir Ali Bazaar can be addressed by deputing traffic police.

By CJ Sakinullah

Mir Ali: Local people have demanded from the government to depute traffic police personnel in order to regulate and reduce traffic congestion in Mir Ali Bazar, North Waziristan.

Residents of Mir Ali bazar said that no one follows traffic rules and they park their vehicles on roadsides or in front of the shops that cause traffic congestion.

A local driver Qismatullah told TNN that illegal parking often causes huge traffic jam due to which the journey of thirty minutes culminates into two hours.

“Number of traffic accidents increased in recent months just because the drivers don’t follow the rules” he added.

Local fruit Mandi and cattle market are also located in the Bazaar which hinder traffic flow and the authorities have no plan to transfer these markets out of the city.

On one hand the road is narrow while on the other hand, vendors park their carts on roadside generating traffic congestion, said another driver, Saeedullah.

It’s not only cart’s pushers that violates traffic rules, there are shopkeepers that also put their goods on sides of the road as there is no one to stop them.

Local people have demanded of the government to provide Mir Ali Bazaar with traffic police in order to solve the congestion issue permanently and construct bus-stands and parking lots for vehicles in the designated areas approved by the administration.