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NOWSHERA: Being healthy is not the always the sole reason of being physically fit. Being healthy means being mentally and emotionally strong and active. Health is important for general way of life. Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good about yourself and taking care of health is important for one’s self-esteem and image.

One can make and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food, adding more vegetables and fruits in diet rather than sodium, carbohydrates, and unhealthy food especially junk food.

Aneesa Zareef, a housewife from Nowshera while sharing her daily diet routine told TNN that she rarely skips a meal in a day as it makes her body crave more food when she starts eating later.

“Make sure to consume a bigger quantity of calories than you eat,” she said, adding that she has a routine to have enough physical activity each day which helps her reduce stress, burn calories, and boost self esteem.

Men and women can take care of their health by adding various kinds of exercises in their schedule. Internet and books can assist people with picking an appropriate exercise for them.

“I watched different YouTube videos and took help from them for managing my routine,” said Laila Ashfaq, a resident of Nowshera. Laila added that she never misses the routine walk in the evening for an hour as it keeps her active and fit.

We all experience stress in all parts of life which comes from numerous issues. Effective stress management comes from combating stress on different fonts. An important way to release stress and live a healthy lifestyle is to maintain healthy habits. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle brings a plethora of advantages, for example, endorphin rush, a release of frustration, or added longevity.

Farah khan, a Housewife and a mother of two children from Nowshera, told TNN that it’s hard to find time for her exercise as she generally remains busy with her kids, yet she tries to manage time in such a way to read books which helps her release stress which is useful for a healthy life.

“I used to do flexible exercises which helped me to keep my joints flexible,” Farah said.

Doing flexible exercises like stretching is especially important if one have problems due to illness such as joints pain, weakness, or dizziness.

Healthy diet is a cornerstone of healthy living especially for diabetic patients. Nowadays a large number of people are experiencing diabetes which should be controlled to have better lives.

Many women, particularly housewives, are hesitant to do exercise regularly and limit themselves to home which carries bad impact on their bodies later on. They generally rely upon medicines to control their sugar level.

A diabetic patient Nageena said she has been a diabetic for the last seven years. Even though it was exceptionally hard for her previously to do a regular walk, but now she has developed a habit for it and do it consistently in the evening which assists her with controlling her sugar level more than medicines. She further said that she inclines towards homeopathic treatment for diabetes.

“I checked my feet day by day for indications of rankles, cuts, or calluses and stayed away from tight shoes and socks as it might prompt injuries that will not heal,” said Nageena.

A healthy lifestyle can help us feel good and have plenty of energy for work and games etc. While taking some instructions regarding healthy lifestyle of females, Dr Faryal from Nowshera said every woman should make exercise obligatory in daily routine and eat less sugar, fat, and fast food even if she is fully healthy.

“The only way to prevent heart problems, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases is to make a habit of exercise and daily walking,” she said.


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