Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: Education is a key to success and to provide better education to children in the present era it is important that boys and girls stand on their own feet. In case a man has to earn alone, it becomes extremely difficult for him to satisfy all the necessities of his dependents.

Luckily, some women get opportunity to do a job even after marriage, but it’s quite challenging for her as the very first priority for women in this society is doing her household job perfectly. No matter how educated she is, in which organization she is doing a good job at a higher post, but the very first question asked from her is about cooking, which foods can she make perfectly? Is she good at cleaning house? What are her daily activities at home? Never mind such questions, answer them happily and it’s good to have all such qualities in women because only women can make her house, but additionally she must learn to balance her work and personal life. Balance is very important in all walks of life because a woman has the responsibilities to her family, work, her children’s activities, or to the society, all these are competing for woman’s valuable attention.

Being a full-time working woman becomes the reason of lots of stress and guilt for not being able to give ample time to family. Some women manage it perfectly while some leave it in the middle because of the less time for their home and children. It is not easy for a woman to juggle a thriving career and a happy family life. Also the most challenging thing for a woman is the sentence to hear ‘Log kya kahenge’. Sit at home, don’t go outside alone otherwise ‘what people would say’? If you leave your children at home and go for work then ‘Log kya kahenge’? Focus on your work and forget about your dreams ‘warna log kya kahenge’?

A woman can do a job only when she is at her father’s home. When she gets married and has children, all the difficulties start from there. She cannot leave her children alone with a maid because she becomes possessive of her children and cannot trust anyone easily, therefore some women take their children with them to the workplace/office to keep an eye on them.

I have seen the ladies (professors or lecturers) at the Government College Nowshera who used to take their small babies in the strollers with them and there was a proper separate room in the college for children and they also they hired a well trained maid for them to take care of their children while they were conducting their classes.

Figuring out one’s needs is very important, one should figure out their unavoidable responsibilities, both professional and personal. If one goes to office and leave the children at home then being with child after office might be more important for a working lady than to do other house chores. A working woman needs to avoid all those activities or people who give her stress because she has no time to waste and she can do many other things in such time instead. No matter how demanding the office or family might be, she should take out some time for herself. Her happiness matters the most because she can accomplish responsibilities best only when she have a healthy body and mind.


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