35-year-old, Beverly, is living thousands of miles away In US but she loves Pakistan and wants to come here and start a small business along with welfare work in KP.

CJ. Dost Ali Wazir

PESHAWAR: Though 35-year-old, Beverly, is living thousands of miles away but she loves Pakistan and wants to come here and start a small business along with welfare work in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

While talking to TNN Beverly said that she is 35-years-old and the mother of two young boys. Her husband is 47-years-old and associated textile company as a manager. She is not doing any work and has never been out of America but she fell in love with Pakistan after meeting Pakistanis on social media.

Beverly said that everyone knows about Pakistan but most of the time in negative sense. But, she said, she came to know the reality when she first met Pakistani people on social media, especially an Afghan who is living in Pakistan as a refugee.

Beverly said she was aghast to see the photos of the scenic valleys of Swat and Gilgit and found it a peaceful country. Since then Beverly is in love with Pakistan and believes that it is an abode of beautiful and cultural people.

She has friendship with a lot of Pakhtuns in social media and believes that Pakhtun are true by heart. “They are pious hearted and despite being an American lady, they have given me a lot of love and respect,” Beverly told TNN. “They haven’t made any indecent demands and are trustworthy. They believe in Hospitality and are very kind-hearted people.”

She revealed that she has also social media friends from other parts of the country but for them, Beverly has to use the block button on social media. Generally, she added all Pakistani are well mannered but she loves the Pakhtuns more.

She has now started learning Pashto language from her Pashtun friends but has started contacting people to find right person to teach her Pashto language. She has also learned some phrases like Za Beverly yam, Qasam de ta sara meena laram and trump Kamakal de from her Pakhtun friends on social media.

Beverly told TNN that she would love to come to Pakistan and will never go back to America. Talking about her plans in Pakistan, Beverly said that she will start a small business in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and will all do some welfare work. She expressed that she has started contacting people and hoped that she will soon be able to come to Pakistan.

In her message to the people of Pakistan, she said they should state hard work and make their name as western media has already distorted their true identity and name. She said the Americans aren’t so loyal and real friends while the Pakhtuns are born loyal and believes in real friendship.

She said that there is a misconception that all the American are bad and hate the People of Pakistan as, she said, that there are two political parties in America’s and there are also a number of people who love Pakistanis and Pakistan. “But still there are people who despite knowing the reality, believe in media portrayals of people of Pakistan. So their conception about the people of Pakistan has to be changed.”

Beverly expressed the hope that with hard work Pakistan will move forward and will play a vital role in making a peaceful and prosperous world.


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