File Photo of Amanullah Jan Wazir

PESHAWAR, 09 June: Pakistani expatriate working in United Arab Emirates and a diehard fan of Pakistan cricket team Amanullah Wazir has passed away, his family sources revealed on Friday.

Amanullah Wazir got fame as an iconic fan of Pakistan cricket due to his traditional attire. He belonged to the Wana subdivision of South Waziristan agency and had been working in UAE since long.

He has been instrumental in celebrating Pakistan’s success off the cricketing field. He was supposed to be one of the biggest fans who used to watch every single match played at Pakistan’s adopted home, UAE. He used to attract people’s as well as broadcaster’s attention with his whirling dance while wearing traditional Waziri turban in the UAE.

He was a diehard fan of Pakistan cricket team particularly star all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi.

As the sad news of his death circulated on social media, large number of his lovers took to Facebook and Twitter to express their condolences and sorrows.