A view of Togh Serai camp in Hangu. - Photo by Anwar Shah

HANGU, 9 November: The internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Orakzai Agency residing in Togh Serai camp in Hangu district are facing many difficulties due to lack of hospital or education facilities.

The IDPs at the camp told TNN that a hospital and a school previously existed at the camp but they have been shut now. They said they face a very difficult situation when they take women patients to hospitals. They said the precious time of their children had been wasted due to lack of school facility.

The displaced people said more than 300 families are residing in the camp but the government and aid agencies are not extending any assistance to them.

“All the people at the camp especially the women and children are facing many difficulties. All our belongings get wet even with slight rain. In case of rain we can’t light fire to cook food,” a displaced person at the camp told TNN.

Another person at the camp said the women and children cannot come out of home in any condition and face difficult situation in summer and winter. “No female doctor is available here and we face many difficulties in taking our women to hospital,” he said.

On the other hand, the FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) Orakzai Agency head Shah Daraz said they cannot extend assistance to the people residing in Togh Serai camp. He said the number of IDPs at Togh Serai camp is lesser and advised them to move to Dorani camp in Sadda, Kurram Agency, to get assistance.

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