Seema Sabah

I am Seema Sabah, a great lover of nature and always influenced by natural views and sceneries. Since childhood I was inspired by nature with its vibrant colour combinations that I found in flowers I was surrounded by, whether it was a bright sunny day with scorching heat or a cool rainy day of winter, the green lush grass or either the dark clouds on a clear blue sky, all such views had a magical spell on me.

Since I matured and started perceiving things around me, I was highly inspired and attracted towards nature and its beauty.

Today I am sharing about my recent first ever family trip to Kaghan and Naran. I was so excited that my joy knew no bounds the moment we get to Kaghan. It took almost eight hours to get there from Peshawar. The road was in good condition except few places i.e. Mansehra where we found it hard to move smoothly, the rest was good. The darkness prevailed the moment I stepped out of my car. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel the freshness in the air, the purity of air and I could only hear the splashing of water and the rushing sound created by the nearby flowing river. However, the view wasn’t visible but it freshened up us to be in middle of high peaks, the fragrance of greenery I felt all at once.

The drive was though a tiring exercise but the joy of getting to our resort was more. We went to bed earlier in order to wake up early next morning. I woke up around 3:30am and after offering prayer I kept waiting for the daylight, with the break of dawn when the light started growing I witnessed a mesmerizing view of nature. Beside our resort there was a furious river of Kaghan flowing with its full force, the noisy water was heard frequently. I breathed in cool morning breeze, it was soothing and relaxing too. To my amazement, the view we were surrounded was super wonderful, it were all high peaked hills with green pine trees on it, numerous waterfalls could be seen from there, falling from height joining the river, it was a beautiful landscape indeed.

The weather was dry and cool. It was good relief from polluted environment and humidity of Peshawar weather. The sky was clear and blue free from all kind of dullness, partly covered with dark clouds. The chirping of birds, the sound of moving tree branches, waterfalls make it on tone and the sweet singing sound of nightingale, all this had made a natural beat and I really enjoyed this rhythmic pattern of nature.

It gives a peace of mind, sitting there for a long time and feeling nature was a great therapy of reliever. It was a blessing to be there to make some great memories.