ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with the Floral Art Society of Pakistan, organized Ikebana flower arrangements and embroidery exhibition at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan.
Rieko Kurai, wife of the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, ladies of Pakistan floral art society and Ms Orita, Japanese Ikebana teacher made fascinating Ikebana arrangements which will on display for two days.

Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement which literally means “flower kept alive”. It developed into a distinct art form in Japan in the 15th century. The art is now practised all over the world, including Pakistan.

For this flower arrangement, special attention is drawn to the selection of flowers, containers and the placement of branches. The arrangements also include the harmonization of flowers, its leaves, stems, and the branches. Besides this, the relationship of the arrangements to the containers and the surroundings sublimated this work into the art, distinguishing from simply decorative uses of flowers.

Besides making the Ikebana arrangements, Madam Kurai at the occasion also showcased her impressive embroidery work such as handbags, cushions, table-runners among others.


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