PESHAWAR, November 5: Despite reduction in prices of oil/petroleum in the country, the fares of passenger coaches remain the same.

One of the passengers from Battagram told TNN that bus drivers asked for the same fares and did not accept the new fares announced by the government, although the fuel prices have been lowered recently.

“Now the price of petrol has plummeted. At first, we used to pay 15 rupees fare and now after the new price, we still pay 15 rupees to the bus drivers. When we complain about the fares to the bus conductors, they say that ‘if you are willing to go on your own, you can; otherwise you can leave the bus. The price of petrol is 94 rupees across the country but its price is 97 rupees in Battagram,” stated another passenger.

While lowering the prices of diesel and petrol, the government has also announced decrease in transport fares but few drivers follow that announcement.


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