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PESHAWAR: Dr Riaz Tanoli, Programme Director of Sehat Insaf Programme for tribal districts, says as many as 1,011,510 Sehat Insaf Cards will be distributed among the tribal families.

In an interview with TNN, Riaz Tanoli said the government has so far distributed 23,000 Sehat Insaf Cards and those receiving the cards are also getting medical treatment. He said the hospitals of tribal districts are currently not providing treatment under Insaf Cards, but the hospitals in KP are providing treatment to beneficiaries.

“Every head of family, who has permanent address of tribal districts on his identity card, will get the Insaf Card. Those who don’t want to get the card is another issue, but as far as the government is concerned, it has printed cards for the whole population,” he said.

The programme director said 10 teams are distributing Insaf Cards in Khyber, Bajaur and Orakzai tribal districts and FR Peshawar. He said the eligibility issue is an old matter when the cards were being distributed on the basis of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) survey.

“Now everyone having a Nadra identity card is eligible for the scheme. If someone has problem in receiving his card then we will provide a helpline on which he can know about the status of his card,” he said

Riaz Tanoli said the whole process will take about four to five months.

“If someone did not get his card during that period, then he can contact the concerned office through the toll-free helpline for enquiry,” he said.

Mr Tanoli said every tribesman should get their Insaf Cards from the specified venue whenever an announcement is made to this effect.

“Every beneficiary will also be handed over a paper containing instructions for the use of the card. If a beneficiary cannot understand the instructions, then he can take help from someone else. Even then, if they still have any problem, then helpline will be given in the instructions paper for the beneficiaries,” he said.

The programme manager clarified that there is no cash involved in this scheme.

“If someone thinks that he will not use the card and then he will receive the balance in the card in the shape of cash at the end of the year then it will not happen, as this card is for medical treatment only,” he said.

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