PESAHWAR, 28 June: Centuries-old Islamic calligraphy art is on the verge of extinction, as the number of artists is shrinking day by day.

One such artist is Nasir Khan Yusufzai who hails from Swat. His work has been acknowledged not only in Pakistan but also in Arab countries. Talking to TNN, Yusufzai said that he has created about 4,000 calligraphic pieces which have been exhibited at important places in Gulf countries and Europe.

He urged the government to pay proper heed to the art of calligraphy, adding that it should be introduced at school level. “Every art that is not paid proper heed declines. We’ve a lot of calligraphy artistes, but very of them have acquaintance with the delicacies of this art. These artists would also vanish if the authorities concerned did not make serious efforts to save this art,” he said.


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