Students of Parachinar College burning tyres on road to protest against stoppage of scholarships. – Photo by Ali Afzal

PESHAWAR, 21 September: Teachers  teaching Information Technology has staged a demonstration against termination of their services here outside Peshawar Press Club.

The protesting teachers were holding banners inscribed with demands to for reinstatement and chanted slogans against the government.

They said that the provincial government had recruited around 340 teachers under the project  that completed three months ago.

They claimed that the government had promised to regularize their jobs but under the new education reform act there was no mention of regularizing their services.

They said that they were forced to perform their duties despite the fact the project ended three months ago.

Officials at the Education Directorate said that the government might adjust the protesting teachers in other projects. It merits a mention here that the government has hired around 700 teachers whose project period is likely to expire soon.