By Gohar Wazir

BANNU, 06 December: The overseas Pakistanis belonging to the North Waziristan Agency have been facing difficulties in reuniting with their families.

The North Waziristan tribesmen who have been working in the Gulf states are forced to stay in Bannu as they were not granted permission to travel to their hometown by the local authorities.

“I returned to Pakistan after spending more than three years in Dubai. I had planned to spend holidays with the family but since I am not granted permission to go to my hometown, I spend 15 days in Bannu,” complained a recently returned tribesman.

Some of them said they had come to Pakistan for a very short period even then they were being stopped from going to home. “Most of us are staying in Bannu for the last 20 days. We have very short holidays not more than a month or two. Despite that we have passed through the entry process, even then they (political authorities) are not allowing us,” said another tribesman.

Some of the tribesmen said they feared they would spend their holidays in Bannu. “My family moved back to the agency after the area was cleared by the security forces but the political authorities have not been allowing me for the last 15 days,” said another tribesman.

On the other hand, the political administration said the process of watan card provision to the people of cleared areas was in progress and the issue would resolve as the process completes.


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