Jamrud elders set up protest camp against Khyber PA

JAMRUD: Elders of Katiakhel tribe on Tuesday sit up protest camp at Wazir Dhand area against the political agent of Khyber Agency for non-payment of money the administration owe them to pay.

The protesters said that they had sold 22 acres land to the government few months ago and around 53 elders had signed the deed but the political administration has paid the amount to seven elders.

They said that those who received the money were not willing to handover the remaining elders their due share and claimed to be the real owner of the property.

The protesters also alleged the political administration of taking bribe, adding that the seven persons who received the money were not the real owners rather negotiated the deal.

They demanded that they should come and apologized the tribe. A tribal elder Zeenat Gul said that the property was owned jointly the tribe and non-payment would result in chaos for which the administration would be responsible.

On the other hand, those elders who had taken the money from the administration expressed willingness to sit with the tribal elders and prove their ownership.

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