Janikhel Wazir elders stage ‘Dancing Protest’ against Bakakhel tehsil in Bannu

BANNU: The Janikhel Wazir tribe on Wednesday once again staged a protest Jirga by dancing on the drumbeats against the proposed establishment of Bakakhel tehsil in Bannu.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik Shudikhel, Malik Waseem Khan, Shakir Wazir, Malik Ghaffar Khan, Raza Khan and others said the proposed site of Bakakhel tehsil is too far away from the two union councils of Janikhel tribe. They said they will need to travel to Bannu city and then to Bakakhel, which is unfeasible for them.

The elders also criticised the name of Bakakhel tehsil, saying that it will dent their identity. They proposed naming the tehsil as Wazir tehsil or Janikhel-Bakakhel tehsil. They said that the new tehsil was established without taking the people of Janikhel into confidence.

They said they will extend their protest to Banigala residence of the PTI chief Imran Khan if their genuine demands were not met.

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