BANNU, 24 October: Janikhel Wazir tribe of Bannu has joined the movement of other tribes against creation of Bakakhel tehsil.

In this connection, the members of Janikhel tribe held a rally on Monday after which the elders and nazims of the tribe held a press conference at Bannu Press Club. The elders said the people of PK-72 constituency need a new tehsil, while 11 out of 13 union councils are strongly opposing the proposed site of the tehsil in Bakakhel.

The elders said Bakakhel area is very remote and unsafe from every angle. They said it will be very difficult for the people of 11 out of 13 union councils to travel to Bakakhel for various purposes, therefore, the proposal is impracticable. They said the government should find a suitable location easily accessible for the people of 13 union councils at Miryan Road if it wants to create a tehsil in PK-72 constituency.

The Janikhel Wazir elders said creation of Bakakhel tehsil may cause tribal clashes and untoward situation, the responsibility of which will rest with the government. They said they will also launch a massive protest movement if Bakakhel tehsil was created against the wishes of the people.