JI Issues notice to party leader for threatening tribal journalists

WANA: District Leadership of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on Tuesday said that the party has issued a show cause notice to Taj Muhammad Wazir for his horrible statement against journalists of South Waziristan.

A delegation of Ji’s district leadership visited the Wana press club and assured the journalists that JI is a Democratic Party and believes in complete freedom of the press. They condemned the statement of Taj Muhammad and assured the journalists that the party has nothing to do with the statement.

A Jamat-e-Islami leader in South Waziristan Taj Muhammad Wazir has threatened the tribal journalists of dire consequences and asked followers to destroy their gadgets and cameras.

This horrible incitement was condemned by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist (PFUJ) and demanded authorities to take action to protect journalists. The Issue was reported via social media from Tehsil Birmel of the district South Warizistan.

Taj Muhammad Wazir is the JI candidate for the provincial assembly seat from South Waziristan asked his followers to kill journalists and destroy their cameras. He accused the local journalists of not giving coverage to their protests and events held in the district.

The delegation was headed by the chief of JI in South Waziristan; Muhammad Nadeem Khan declared the statement the most irresponsible for which JI leadership has already issued him a show cause notice.

Nadeem Khan said that the party works under the law and constitution of the country and believes in the human rights of free speech and expression. The JI delegation maintained that JI gives high importance to the role of media in the politics and the political awareness of the public.

“JI believes media must be free from all type of force and pressure,” said Nadeem Khan while talking with journalists. He added that as a Democratic Party, the JI considers media as a fourth organ of the state after the legislature, Executive, and judiciary. The JI local leadership maintained that they have given sacrifices for the freedom of the press in the county as it believes that without a free media, true democracy and human rights are incomplete.

The statement was widely condemned by the journalists and human rights activists from across the country. They asked the responsible authorities to take action against the JI local leader. The journalists have warned that if any loss incurred to any journalist in the district, the JI leadership will be responsible.


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