JI, PPP activists clash over inauguration of uplift scheme in Lower Dir

By Shahid Hussain Yousafzai

TIMERGARA: Four activists of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) including Member Provincial Assembly from PK-93 Sahibzada Sanaullah and two from Jamaat-e-Islami sustained injuries as they scuffled over the issue of inaugurating uplift scheme in Luqman Banda, Khall near here on Monday.

Eyewitnesses and local residents told TNN that tension between workers of JI and PPP increased when the PPP leader and MPA Sahibzada Sanaullah allegedly uprooted and took away plaques of developmental projects unveiled by Provincial Finance Minister Muzaffar Said advocate and other leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami in Luqman Banda.

Sources added that dozens of the PPP activists led by MPA Sanaullah blocked the road at ‘Japani Pul’ from where the provincial finance minister was supposed to pass while on his way back to Timergara from Luqman Banda.

Hundreds of JI activists reached the spot where they confronted PPP workers. They started pelting stones at each other and then scuffled. Some of the activists also fired in the air, sources said. The Khall police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation. The PPP workers alleged that the JI activists beat up the PPP member provincial assembly badly and injured him.

Arial firing was also reported from the scene however it was not clear who fired the shots.

The Khall police called leaders of both the parties to the police station. The area elders were busy to settle the issue peacefully. A police official said that cases against leaders of both the parties had been registered.

Later, the JI lawmakers Aizaz ul Mulk Afkari, former MPA Malik Behram, Akhunzada Sikandar Hazrat and others while speaking at a news conference at Khall alleged that the PPP lawmaker Sanaullah had taken law in his hands.

They termed the act as undemocratic and immoral. They demanded of the Lower Dir administration to arrest the MPA Sanaullah for taking the law in his hands and inciting workers on violence.

“MPA Sanaullah should have either raised the issue on assembly floor or knocked at the door of the court if he had any grievances,” MPA Aizaz ul Mulk said adding that the finance minister was our guest and he had the right to inaugurate development projects anywhere in the province.

The PPP lawmaker Sahibzada Sanaullah while talking to local journalists at Khall police station said that Luqman Banda situated in his constituency and the right to inaugurate the uplift schemes there rests with him. He said the JI had nothing to do with these developmental projects and its leaders were only luring voters.


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