PESHAWAR, September 3: Women wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami has announced to start an awareness campaign about the significance of Hijab (veil) from 4 September that would continue for a week.

Member of provincial assembly of JI, Ms Rashida Riffat, told media at the Peshawar Press Club that many campaigns were held against veil and even resolutions were passed in many countries against veil.

Former Member of National Assembly Razia Aziz said that they would hold ceremonies in the whole province and tell people that Hijab is not a hurdle to women’s progress in various fields.

“We celebrate this day to make people aware that Muslim women take veil to follow the saying of Allah in Quran and no-one can forbid them. We will celebrate this week as Hijab Week and we are also trying to arrange a seminar for the doctors and teachers of our society in this regard,” she added.