Orakzai tribal elders annouced to boycott election in tribal districts
Orakzai tribal elders announced to boycott election in tribal districts

ORAKZAI: A tribal jirga on Thursday announced to boycott elections until the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) provide two seats to Orakzai tribal district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly.

At present, Orakzai district has one seat in KP assembly.

The jirga of comprised of tribal elders, Political leadership and social activist took the decision on Thursday outside the deputy commissioner office in Orakzai.  The tribal elders have warned all the political leaders and workers not to participate in the election process.

They maintained that no one would be allowed to submit nomination paper for the one seat. If anyone is found violating the jirga order, said the elders, action will be taken against them under tribal customs and traditions.

The jirga members said that giving one seat to the whole Orakzai district is injustice with the people of tribal district. They maintained that the people of the district should be given representation according to their actual population.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has allocated seats to each district on the bases of population census conducted in 2017. The people of almost all tribal district have alleged that their real population has been undermined. They said that most of the people were living in camps outside the districts when the census as conducted. Due to which, they could not be counted in the census process.

The ECP has notified 16 KP assembly seats for tribal districts. The seats have been given in accordance with provisions of the Article 106 of the Constitution as amended vide 25th amendment and in the light of provisional results of the sixth population census of 2017 officially published on January 3, 2018, by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Three provincial assembly seats had been allocated for Bajaur district, while two seats for Mohmand and three seats for Khyber district. The commission had also allocated two seats for Kurram, one for Orakzai district, two for North Waziristan, two for South Waziristan and one seat for Frontier Regions.


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