Members of a Jirga praying after making peace between two rival families in Mulagori. Photo by Sajid Ali Kokikhel

JAMRUD, 31 October: The local elders and political administration have made peace between two rival families following Pakhtoon tradition of Nanawati-begging for forgiveness of the murderer from deceased familiy- here in Mulagori area of Khyber Agency on Saturday.

The enmity between the two families of Nawab Kokikhel and Nasir Mulagori started when one of the members of the former killed a man from the latter some six years ago. The family members of Nawab Kokikhel remained tense and restricted their movement for protection of their lives against the rival family.

A Jirga comprising local elders, MNA Shajee Gul, officials of political administration and family members of Nawab family went to the male guesthouse of Nasir Mulagori along with sheeps, a gesture of admitting mistake, and begged for the forgiveness of the murderer who what they called had committed the crime unintentionally. As a result Nasir and his family members accepted Nanawati and forgave the killer which brought an end to the six years old enmity between the two families.

The Jirga announced a ceasefire between the two families and warned if any one violated the ceasefire, will be fined Rs 3 million.

Talking to TNN, Nawab said  that his family had enmity with Nasir family since 2009, but with the support of Jirga members and God almighty blessings, they were able to end the dispute. “Again I beg for forgiveness from Nasir and his family for the crime and assure him that we will be friends and brothers forever. I am thankful to the tribal elders, officials of political administration and all those who played their active role in making peace between our two families.


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