Political Agent Mohmand Agency Waqar Ali Shah addressing a tribal Jirga in Peshawar. - Photo by Gul Muhammad Mohmand

PESHAWAR, 7 October: The political administration of Mohmand Agency on Tuesday organised a Jirga of tribal elders in Peshawar to discuss strategy for repatriation of displaced people of Baizai tehsil.

Political Agent Waqar Ali Shah while addressing the Jirga said law and order has improved in Mohmand Agency and the people of the area who migrated to Peshawar or other parts of the country should come back to their native areas now. He said funds of Rs1 billion have been approved for reconstruction of damaged roads, schools and hospitals in Baizai sub-division. He said development work in other parts of Mohmand Agency will also be initiated soon.

Mujeeb Khan, a tribal elder, told TNN that people are hesitant from returning to Mohmand Agency as everything is ruined there. “We are facing many difficulties. The schools, hospitals and roads are damaged,” he said.

The tribal elder said the local tribesmen had been lodging complaints about these problems but no one is listening to them.


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