A view of the jirga, held in Tank district over issue of water distribution. – Photo by Ayub Bettani

TANK, November 8: Authorities held a Jirga with local elders in Tank district to resolve the dispute over use of water from the Gomal Zam Dam.

The Jirga was held on the directives of the Commissioner Mr Mushtaq Jadoon. Deputy Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Khan Wazir, Member Provincial Assembly Mehmood Khan Betani, local elders and farmers were also present on the occasion.

TNN correspondent says the commissioner visited the area before the Jirga. Later, the farmers informed the commissioner of their problems during the Jirga. The farmers said the residents of Gomal have the right to use the water from the local dam but that the small canals from the dam do not meet their needs.

On the occasion, Mushtaq Jadoon said the policy of water distribution had already been decided and that nobody would be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

He said they would also inform the provincial government of the problems of farmers. A few days ago, the residents of Gomal had stage protest rally, demanding enough water from the Gomal dam for irrigation of their lands.


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