TORKHAM: The district administration on Friday resolved months old dispute over a general bus stand in Torkham area of Khyber tribal district bordering Afghanistan.

Two tribal elders of Shinwari tribe including Shah Hussain and Naib Shah Shinwari were at odd over the management of the bus stand for last 19 months.

A jirga led by assistance deputy commissioner Niaz Muhammad and other tribal elders convinced both elders over use of the bus stand.

As per jirga decision, Shah Hussain will manage affairs of the bus stand for 13 months while after completion this time it (the stand) would be handed over the Naib Shah for seven months.

Similarly, Shah Hussain would give Rs4.3 million while Naib Shah give Rs5.4 million to local people. The jirga also decided that the stand would be handed over to anyone after auction after completion of their deadline.

The bus stand was being run by local administration and revenue generated from it was being spent on welfare of locals.