Bushra Bibi talking to TNN correspondent. - Photo by Iftikhar Hussain

PESHAWAR, 3 December: The dispute caused by domestic violence on a woman and cutting off her heir by her husband has been resolved through a Jirga in Peshawar.

A man in Tehkal area had shaved off his wife’s hair and threatened to kill her. The affected woman, Bashira Bibi, said she married four years ago and she also had a daughter. She said her in-laws want to snatch her daughter after she came to her mother’s house due to continuous torture by her husband.

Police arrested the husband of Bashira Bibi two days ago after the news was carried by several media houses, including TNN. Meanwhile, a Jirga managed to reconcile both the families. The Jirga decided that Bashira Bibi’s husband will be fined by Rs50,000 if he subjected his wife to violence again and he will also be bound to pay Rs15,000 per month to his wife in such an eventuality.

Bashira Bibi told TNN that her husband beat her at least once a week.

“Continuous torture has badly affected my body and health. He also comes to the house of my parents and harass them,” she said.