Jirga still working as powerful tool of dispute resolution in FATA

KHAR: The Jirga system is still working as an effective tool for dispute resolution in FATA. With the efforts of the political administration and tribal elders, two rival groups in Bajaur Agency on Friday announced to renounce violence and live with harmony in future.

Two rival groups of Abdul Wakeel, Zar Muhammad and Muhammad Hussain from one side and Ajmal Khan, Abdul Waheed and Haji Zareen from the other side in Haji Abad area of Khar tehsil had old enmity and several people from both sides were killed in injured in clashes during the last few years.

A Grand Jirga was organised in Haji Abad area for reconciliation between the two groups. Political Agent Aamir Khattak, Assistant Political Agent Khar Arif Khan and tribal elders Abdul Manan, Gul Afzal Khan, Israruddin Khan, Qari Abdul Majeed, Haji Rahat Yousaf, Malik Fida, Maulana Waheed Gul, Malik Hifzur Rehman, Gul Karim Khan and other notables attended the Jirga.

The political agent said in his addresses that enmity as not a solution to any problem and all disputes should be resolved through talks. He said the Jirga system will be strengthened further in Bajaur to ensure peace and tranquillity in the region.

The tribal elders said they are committed to end all disputes in the area through Jirga system. They warned that any party which violated the decisions of the Jirga will pay Rs10 million fine and their houses and properties will also be seized.

On the occasion, members from both the groups hugged each other and vowed to live with peace in future. The local people also expressed happiness over the reconciliation between the two groups and appreciated the role of tribal elders in this regard.

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