LANDI KOTAL, 21 October: Fata Grand Jirga on Saturday rejected extension of the Peshawar High Court and Supreme Court to tribal areas and said Jirga system was in place to decide disputes in the areas.

The Jirga members said that Jirga system was working properly and providing justice in a speeding justice which was better than constitutional courts.

Talking to reporters, Malik Khan Marjan, Malik Salahuddin, Malik Ismail and other elders said that a set up was in place in Fata whereas civil magistrate as well as appeal tribunal was also working then there was no need to extend PHC and SC jurisdiction.

They said that efforts were being made to impose such a system where thousands of cases have been pending before the courts and similarly cases in tribal areas would remain undecided for decades.

They added that the government should not impose any system against the will of tribal people and demanded that the former should sit with real stakeholders to know what they wanted.

“They should sit with tribal people to know what they want and then decide their future,” said Khan Marjan.

They warned the government against deciding future of tribal people on advice of a handful people with vested interests.

It should be noted that the National Assembly’s standing committee approved recommendations for extending PHC’s jurisdiction to Fata.