BLOG:Joblessness should be seen as an opportunity, not a curse.

By CJ Hameedullah

Insaf Rozgar Scheme, a recent move to empower youth and stir economic activity in newly merged districts (NMD), is an excellent opportunity for youth of the region that has been remained unprivileged, affected by terrorism.

In order to encourage youth in NMD, the incumbent government has launched an Insaf Rozgar Scheme in order to combat poverty, joblessness. It also aims at to develop entrepreneurial skills of the youth. This will help the disadvantaged segments of the newly merged districts to avail funds on soft conditions.

The youth can take benefit of loan ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 that is aimed to help establish 26 types of businesses choreographed by the government. Not only did they given funds for new-comers but also allocated funds for professional entrepreneurs who can apply for 15 types of business opportunities under the grant.

Irfan has done BBA degree and has told TNN that he knows the trick of doing a business but he had lacked finances. With the Insaf rozgar scheme, he is confident he would get the loan to start a business in Mohamnd tribal district.

Anwar shah, a jobless graduate from newly merged tribal areas, has done masters and with the help of Insaf Rozgar Scheme, he is running a mobile business where he has employed two other staffers. His vision is to grow his business and to provide more jobs to youth of the region. He remembered that his joblessness had actually forced him to be an entrepreneur. He suggested that being a jobless is an opportunity to wonder what type of services, one could offer and how one can establish a business out of it that delivers not only for him but also for others.

Aman Khan, another graduate from the same area has said that being educated doesn’t mean to always look for jobs but to initiate efforts to create opportunity not only for yourself but also for others. That should be the spirit of educated graduates, he said.

He had an idea of local business and wanted to have a loan on relaxed rules to implement it. He applied for insaf rozgar scheme and is awaiting the result.

So joblessness should not be seen as a curse but rather an opportunity for doing something unique. Insaf Rozgar Scheme is a perfect match for all those graduates who has business ideas but no financial support