JAMRUD, 02 October: The leaders of Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam Fazal Rehman (JUI-F) have rejected the FATA reforms bill submitted by tribal parliamentarians in National Assembly saying that before bringing any reform in the region, the tribal people should be consulted on the future of FATA.

This they said during a meeting headed by Mufti Ijaz, head of JUI-F Khyber Agency chapter, here in Jamrud on Friday. Mufti Ijaz told TNN that a four member committee formed by the party chief Moulana Fazal Rehman will visit Fata to consult with tribal elders, youth journalists and rest of the stakeholders on proposed reforms in FATA.

“The JUI-F will seek the opinion of tribesmen to know whether they want Fata as a province, an independent council on the pattern of Gilgit Baltistan or its merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” he said adding “ we will support what the majority people want and decide on the future of FATA”.

He said that before bringing any change in the status of FATA, the displaced people should be repatriated and compensated for their loses inflicted on them during the war on militancy.



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