Khasadar force personnel has warned that to protest the delay in the fulfilment of their demand, they will block the road to stop Chief Minister Mehmood Khan from visiting the North Waziristan tribal district.

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced his visit to North Waziristan on March 9 as a part of the efforts to streamline the tribal districts.

The Paramilitary force across the tribal districts is protesting the delay in their merger with the provincial department as promised by the federal and provincial governments. They’ve  warned that if their demand weren’t fulfilled, neither they will allow the deployment of the police nor the chief minister will be allowed to enter to tribal districts.

These views were expressed by the Khasadar force personnel gathered at Kajhorai area in a Jirga to decide the future course of action. As a protest, they closed Bannu-Miran Shah road for all type of traffic creating hurdle in the free flow of public. The Khasadar force said that their demands are simple – either they should be merged with the Provincial police department or they should be left as separate identity like they were before the merger of tribal areas with the province.

The Chairman of all Tribal districts Khasadar force association Syed Jalal while addressing the jirga said that their elders have offered high sacrifices for the security of the country while serving in Khasadar force. Jalal added that now they are offering sacrifices and maintained peace in the region despite limited resources and privileges. Now that, he added, peace has been restored, the government should recognize their sacrifices. He asked the government that they are ready to be merged with the KP police or should be left as an independent identity, but they aren’t ready to render thousands of Khasadar force personnel jobless.

On March 12, the All FATA Khasadar force has announced a mega jirga in Bagh-e-Naran, Peshawar.


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