Muhammad Nawaz Orakzai

JAMRUD: The issue of integration of Khassadar Force into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has risen again as the Khassadars have demanded the government to fulfil promises made with them.

Khassadar and Levies Committee Chairman Syed Jalal Wazir said they will observe strike from registering Roznamcha, FIR and court proceedings till the government fulfils all the promises with them. He was addressing a Jirga of the Khassadar and Levies Committee at Jirga Hall in Jamrud in Khyber tribal district on Tuesday.

Participants of the Jirga criticised the KP government and provincial police for the unfulfilled promises. Siad Jalal Wazir said no station house officer (SHO) at any police station will file Roznamcha, FIR or court proceedings till the Khassadars get their rights.

“It has become abundantly necessary to clarify that either we are still Khassadars or policemen. Khassadars had to approach the courts for Shaheed Package, while policemen get the package and all privileges without any hindrance,” he lamented.

He said a movement for rights of Khassadar and Levies personnel will be launched from Orakzai tribal district and rallies will be held in every tribal district. He said the movement will continue till full integration of 28,000 Khassadars into KP Police.

Said Jalal said while talking to TNN that Khassadars are still not fully integrated into KP Police and the provincial government is employing delaying tactics in this regard. He said three months ago, the government had promised to resolve their problems within six weeks, but nothing has been done so far. He said the boycott of official work in the police stations is continuing since Monday and protests will start from tomorrow (Wednesday). He said the first protest will be held in Orakzai and the last one in Waziristan.

Mentioning the demands, Said Jalal said the government must immediately issue an ordinance clearly mentioning that Khassadars are now part of KP Police. He said the sacked personnel must be restored immediately and the promise of appointment of new personnel must also be fulfilled.

The KP government on April 08, 2019 had announced merger of Levies and Khassadars into KP Police. The provincial government at that time said the process of integration will be completed within six months. On September 12, 2019, the KP Assembly passed Khassadars and Levies Acts which were rejected by the Khassadars and Levies personnel.

Said Jalal said the KP government wants to merge Khassadars with Levies instead of Police through the legislation, which is unacceptable to them.