BARA, 30 April: The tribesmen of Akakhel area of Khyber Agency have demanded the government to restore the dismissed Khassadar officials.

The Akakhel tribe elders told TNN that 135 Khassadar personnel from the tribe were dismissed from job due to their absence from duty during precarious law and order situation in Bara. The tribal elders said peace has been restored in the area and repatriation of Akakhel tribesmen has also been completed to a large extent. They said the dismissed Khassadar personnel should also be restored on their jobs now.

“The government should not only restore the old Khassadar officials but it should also make new recruitments,” a tribal elder said.

“Khassadar force plays an important role in maintaining law and order. Khassadars are considered an asset of the government for their sincerity. I will appeal to the governor on behalf of Akakhel tribe to restore our Khassadar personnel,” another elder told TNN.

The political administration of Khyber Agency said some of the dismissed Khassadar officials have been restored and others will be restored on their jobs after fulfilling necessary formalities.

Around 700 Khassadar personnel from Bara were dismissed in 2009 after they refused to take part in military operation against terrorists in Khyber Agency.


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