BARA: The Khyber Union president Sohbat Khan has announce boycott of election from NA-44 constituency of Khyber tribal district over non-stop use of money by wealthy candidates to buy the votes.

Addressing a press conference along with his supporters at Bara Press Club on Saturday, Sohbat Khan said the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), district returning officer and monitoring officers are not taking any notice of the excessive use of money in the polls, which prompted him to boycott the election from the NA-44 constituency.

However, he said, he will contest the election from PK-72 constituency of Bannu as an independent candidate.

Earlier, in a statement, Sohbat Khan had alleged that wealthy candidates in Khyber tribal district are trying to buy the conscience of the poor people taking advantage of their poverty. He alleged that billionaire candidates have trespassed ethical norms in their quest of winning the election in NA-44. He alleged that such candidates are openly violating the election code of conduct by throwing money everywhere and exploiting the sentiments of voters as well as their poor economic condition.

The Khyber Union president alleged that the wealthy candidates have given money to poor people in return for their votes and also taken oath from them under the tribal customs to keep the arrangement secret.

He said that under the code of conduct of the Election Commission, a National Assembly candidate can spend up to Rs4 million in his election campaign, but this obligation is being openly violated in NA-44.