KP advertisers opposing the decision of provincial government to replace their signboards with electronics boards.

PESHAWAR, 22 August: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Advertiser’s Association on Monday staged a protest demonstration against the KP provincial government for  removing their signboards and billboards and replacing them with  electronic ones without taking them into confidence here in the metropolitan city.

While protesting in front of Peshawar Press Club, representatives of the association termed the move of the provincial government was meant to deprive them of the business.

They complained that the government made promises with them for constituting polices regarding  signboards and billboards three years back but none of the promises was honored.

Despite the government was collecting tax worth millions of rupees from them on monthly basis, it was bent on depriving advertisers of their business, said the protesters. Instead of encouraging and promoting local advertisers,  the government was bringing advertisers from Punjab and else where which is unjust decision, they added.

President of the association Rahatullah Chamkani while talking to TNN said, “We removed our boards voluntarily for the sake of green  belt construction. The government assured us that we will be provided with alternate sites for installation of our boards but it did not materialize its promise in three years”.

He said the government has installed four electronic boards worth Rs. 60 million in the city. We will see that how does Jamat-e-Islami react to electronic boards as it would object on women and children’s photo on our  boards on pretext of obscenity”.

The protesters demanded of the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Perveaz Khattak and local government minister to reverse the decision and compensate them for losses.