PESHAWAR: Provincial Cabinet has approved the Local Government Amendment Bill 2019 abolishing the posts of District Council and District Nazim and the new system in Rural and Urban areas would consist of two tiers system of Tehsil and City Local Government and Village and Neighborhood Council.

Under the new Amendment Bill 2019, the title of Nazim and Naib Nazim has been changed to Chairman and Convener. In all divisional headquarters, City Local Government would be established and its head will be called Mayor.

Under the proposed bill, the elections of Chairman Tehsil Council and Mayor City Local Government would be held on party basis while the elections of Village and Neighborhood will be held on non-party basis. Similarly, Tehsil Chairman and Mayor City Local Government would be elected through direct elections. While the Village and Neighborhood Councils, 33% Woman, 5% Youth and minorities quota has been kept intact.

The number of the village and Neighborhood Council members have been made 6 to 7 which was 10 to 15 earlier.

Provincial Information Minister Shaukat Yousafzai said that under the new Local Government Amendment Bill, Local Government Finance Commission would be formed, wherein the number of Tehsil Chairmen has been increased from 2 to 5, whose elections would be made from the concerned five zones of the province.

Yousafzai added that for the eradication of corruption, the financial accounts of the new Local Government System would be computerized. Similarly, besides District Accounts officers, the Provincial Government could do audit of Local Governments itself or through the third party.

Minister for local government Shahram Khan said the Tehsil Council could give approval of budget through simple majority while the Local Governments would be provided 30% of the provincial development budget. Regarding impeachment of Tehsil Chairman and Mayor City Local Government, Tarakai said two-third majority of the house on an impeachment motion could remove Tehsil Council Chairman and Mayor City Local government, however, reasonable facts have to be provided to Local Government Commission for impeachment.

The proposed Amendment Bill would be presented before the Provincial Assembly in next week.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan while terming the new proposed Local Government System as the best system said that uniform Local Government System would be enforced throughout the province including merged districts,  thus Local Governments would become strengthened, powers to be devolved to the people in real sense and the people would become empowered.

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