KP govt bans wrapping food in Newspaper
KP govt bans wrapping food in Newspaper

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has imposed a ban on wrapping of food items in newspaper. The order was issued by the KP food safety authority on the recommendation of its Scientific Committee which has declared it hazardous for public health.

The authority announced that the order will be implemented from June 14, 2019, across the province, after which bread and foodstuff which contain oil and water contents cannot be wrapped in newspapers. The authority also constituted sub-committee with the responsibility to formulate suggestions for use of baking soda in Tandori bread and Bakery items.

The KPFA has also directed all school and colleges to allow the sale of juices in canteens which have at least 10 per cent real fruit juice. In case of violation, action will be taken against the canteens. It was also decided that sale of pure juice will be allowed only if the juice is really pure those products which are displaying `pure’ on packing and not giving 100 per cent pure juice will be confiscated.

Those juices which contain 10 per cent of fruit pulp can display a picture of that fruit on the packing. “No chemically manufactured juice products can display a picture of any fruit on its packing,” the food authority issued directives.

It was further directed that the eatable items containing some contents which can cause allergy should prominently display a warning on packing that eating of this item can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive persons. The warning should be in any language either English or Urdu.

The committee also set caffeine quantity in energy drinks as 200 PPM. Every energy drink should have warning published in Urdu that it is not suitable for children under 12 years and for pregnant women.

The authority has issued a directive that the energy drink should be printed as `Stimulant Drink’ and it must also contain the label of `Halal’ from a certified organization.


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