PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority in a special market survey, intercepted supply of counterfeit powdered milk in Peepal Pandi of the capital city here on Saturday.

Director General Riaz Khan Mahsud expressed his deep concern over the existence of fake powdered milk and ordered a special crackdown to recall the aforementioned product to avoid hazardous repercussions at the public’s end. Mehsud also added that food authority surveillance team’s performance is appreciable for identifying counterfeit products present in the market. Riaz Khan Mahsud directed the technical section of the authority to take up the issue with trade unions as well as with genuine product suppliers to warn their dealers about this fake product.

Director Operations Khalid Khan Khattak deputed a team comprising of Assistant Director Aneela Mahboob and Food Safety Officers Ahmad Ali Sha and Wasif Shah to go beyond to investigate about the suppliers and to inquire the matter from wholesale dealers.

Director Technical Dr Syed Abdul Sattar warned the public generally and mothers especially to avoid feeding infants with this product at the moment. He furthered that no product can be an alternate for a mother’s feed. “It’s a sign of danger as no such private lab exists in KP to prepare such product and it may contain chemicals that directly strike infant’s kidney. This product should immediately be recalled and necessary steps to be taken to intercept onwards supply,” Sattar maintained.

Talking about counterfeit product found in the market, Assistant Director Aneela Mahboob said that an ordinary man cannot be distinguished between the original and fake product. She expressed that more than fifteen hundred packs of the product being seized in the current market crackdown. She assumed that the Peshawar market has been supplied in bulk with this product and it is a tougher task to recall the product from every shopkeeper. She revealed that a massive awareness campaign is triggered via social media platforms to inform the general public not to use this product until the clearance of counterfeit stalk.


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