Education department male employees barred from contacting Female teachers directly.
Education department male employees barred from contacting Female teachers directly.

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department (E&SED) through a notification barred its male staff from directly contacting female school teachers in any part of the province.

The notification issued on Friday after a high-level meeting directed that no staff member of ministerial cadre, right from the superintendent to clerk, will be allowed to contact a lady teacher even for official work. It is provided that only the female District Education Officers (DEO) will be responsible to coordinate and contact with the females teachers.

Besides this, the male staff was further directed that female teachers cannot be connected by any male staff member via telephone, WhatsApp or cellular phones from the department office in the provincial capital even by the female staff members. Devising the process to contact them, it was provided that if a need arises, the female teachers can be contacted through female district education officer.

Furthermore, the notification provided that no male member will be part of any disciplinary committee or the enquiry committee to investigate anything against a female teaching staff member.

The decision was taken after a high number of harassment complaints were received against the male employees of the elementary and secondary education department of the province.

While talking to reporters the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Advisor to Chief Minister on Education Ziaullah Bangash said that “The department has been receiving complaints of harassment against male employees for a long time.” There are thousands of female school teachers with schools in the province. The advisor said that the aim of this step is to ensure that the female teachers feel secure so they can freely continue teaching. Bangash also promised strict disciplinary action against those found violating the order and warned that there will be no forgiveness for anyone found guiltily of harassing a school teacher.


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