PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has formed a committee to resolve the problems of private schools which are closed since March due to the fears of spread of coronavirus.

A delegation of private schools association called on the chief minister on Friday during which the problems of private schools, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, were discussed. KP Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education Akbar Ayub Khan was also present at the meeting. On the occasion, the chief minister formed a committee to resolve the problems of private schools. The committee will present its recommendations to the government within 10 days.

During the meeting, the chief minister assured that the provincial government will take all possible steps for resolving genuine problems of private schools.

The owners and staff of private educational institutions have lodged several protests for reopening of schools. However, the government insists that the schools cannot be opened immediately due to the fear of coronavirus.

The private schools are demanding that the government should pay the salary of teaching staff of private schools which are closed on the government orders. They said the government should announce a package for private educational institutions to save them from collapse. They said the economic murder of private schools must come to an end and all problems must be resolved in consultations with the owners of educational institutions. They said the schools must be opened immediately under the standard operating procedures (SOPs) so that the precious time of students and investment by parents is utilised in right manner.

The private schools owners are of the opinion that when all the institutions and markets have been opened with SOPs then what is wrong with opening of schools.

The private schools are making various demands, but parents of students say they are regularly paying fee to the schools despite closure. The parents said they receive continuous messages and calls from schools for payment of full fee, while in return their children are not receiving the education for which they are paying.

Teachers of private schools are also complaining that they are not receiving salaries despite the fact that parents of students are regularly paying fee.