PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has provided Sehat Insaf Cards to the people known as transgender here at a ceremony in Peshawar press club on Friday. The ceremony was arranged by TransAction Alliance and Blue Veins, a local Non-governmental organization.

Muhammad Riaz Tanoli, the Project Director, Sehat Sahulat Programme Health Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said the Provincial Government is committed towards the well-being of the transgender community. Tanoli added that the issuance of Sehat Sahulat cards is an effort in this regard.

The participants of the event were informed that Sehat Insaf Cards give free-of-cost coverage for HIV/AIDS and all types of cancers. It will offer medical coverage up to Rs 400,000 per family at tertiary care diseases, which also include treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, emergency and trauma, all kinds of fractures, head and spinal injuries as well as joint replacement surgeries.

The proposed plan would also offer medical coverage worth Rs280, 000 for as many as 1,000 types of secondary care diseases at DHQ-level hospital. Farzana Jan, the President of the TransAction Alliance on this occasion said under Transgender Person’s Protection of Rights Act 2018 it is illegal to deny health care services to transgender community across Pakistani but many transgender people continue to face discrimination in health care and coverage.

Qamar Naseem Program Coordinator said, “Providing Trans-inclusive health coverage is critical for the Transgender Community. The transgender population continues to face major challenges in accessing and obtaining appropriate health care.

Arzu Khan General Secretary of the TransAction Alliance demand that transaction health care services should be included in the health coverage of transgender community ” The health care plans should include coverage for medical care related to gender transition, including mental health care, hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgeries and other medically necessary services. Denying this care is not only detrimental to transgender people’s health, but also their ability to contribute effectively in the workplace and society at large.


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