PESHAWAR, August 7: The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started an educational programme titled “Iqra” to provide education facilities to 80,000 underprivileged children in private schools on government expenses.

“Iqra” is an Arabic word meaning “read”. The programme would cost 50 million rupees and would benefit those underprivileged students who cannot pay their educational expenses.

The Provincial Education Minister, Mr Atif Khan, told journalists that the fees of primary schools would be 500 rupees, middle schools 600 rupees and high schools fee 800 rupees. He said the government authorities would provide the mentioned amounts to the students enrolled in private schools.

Mr Atif Khan told TNN, “We will provide 500 to 800 rupees monthly to each child for their education in private schools. We will establish 160 new schools and will upgrade up to 200 schools. Moreover, we will reconstruct 760 schools destroyed in earthquakes.”