PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Establishment Department on Wednesday has notified five teams (jirga) to talk with the protesting Khasadars and Levies forces men in all tribal districts of the province.

Though the matter falls into the purview of the KP Home and Tribal Affairs Department, however, the notification for teams formation was issued by the Establishment Department which attracted some criticism. Each team is comprised of senior police officers and civil servants of every district. Their aim will be to engage them in talks and quell the unrest among the protesting Khasadars and Levies men.

The Khasadars and Levies men are in protest against the KP and Federal government and even boycotted to provide security to the anti-polio drives in tribal districts, begin from Monday, due to which the campaign has to postpone in most of the districts. The political parties, especially, Jamaat-e-Islami has already expressed agreement with the Khasadar forces and assured them it will fund the legal battle to help them secure their 22 points demands list. The present crisis is simple either merge them into Police by extending all salaries and incentives to them as provided to Police Constables.

For Bajaur district, the notification provided that the jirga will be comprised of Commissioner Malakand, District Police Officer and Region Regional Police Officer, Malakand. For district Mohmand and Khyber Sub-division, Khyber, The committee is comprised of Commissioner Peshawar, Capital City Police officer of Peshawar, Regional Police officer of Mardan and Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar and district Khyber. For district Orakzai and Kurram Subdivision, Kohat, the committee will comprise Commissioner Kohat, Regional Police Officer Kohat and DPOs of Orakzai and Kurram districts. For North Waziristan and Subdivision, Bannu, the committee is comprised of Commissioner Bannu, RPO Bannu and DPOs of Orakzai and Kurram districts. For North Waziristan, subdivision Lakki Marwat and DI Khan the committee is comprised by Commissioner DI Khan, RPO DI Khan and DPOs of South Waziristan.

The Terms of reference (TOR’s) are even declared weaker by the critics. It provides that the committees will explain to the Khasadars that merger brings more benefits ten incentive to the tribal districts. They will explain to the Khasadar and levies men that the recent legislation has protected the future and paved the way of their merger with the KP police department. The notification said that the committees have to explain to them the new legislation gives them more power and protect them against arbitrary action. The committees will have to contact the protesting personnel of both the forces with any delay.

The notification further provided that the secretary home will provide necessary advise whenever required during the engagement of the jirga with protesting Khasadar and levies men.

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