PESHAWAR: The progress review meeting of Annual Development Plan (ADP) was informed on Thursday that development projects worth Rs 12.7 billion will be initiated in the newly merged districts soon.

The meeting that was chaired by Chief Minister Mehmood Khan was also informed that most of these projects will be initiated by the end of the ongoing month.

The Minister for Finance, Taimoor Salim Jhagra in his address to the meeting claimed that despite financial constraints, the performance of KP govt has been optimum. The Finance Minister also told that for the ongoing fiscal year, a total of Rs 181 Billion were allocated for development projects out of which 119 billion were released and Rs 90 billion have been spent so far.

The meeting was further informed that in the year 2018-19, a total of Rs 3427 Million have been spent on 70 development projects of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department. In the health sector, a total of Rs 3299 Million have been spent on 104 development projects so far.

The ADP review meeting was informed that a total of Rs 9452 Million have been allocated in the year 2018-19 for 308 projects related to construction and rehabilitation of roads throughout the province.

While addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister stated that budget planning should be made keeping in view services delivery instead of expansion and construction of buildings so as to facilitate the public on every level.

The directed all the administrative departments to take effective measures to ensure 100% utilization of the ADP budget adding that a progress review meeting on the utilization of the development budget should be held monthly by every department so as to ensure optimum utilization of resources and realization of the development targets.

The Chief Minister further directed all the concerned departments to surrender all un-utilized budget by 15th of April so that proper allocation of resources can be made adding that that previously the entire focus of development programs was given to expansion of projects and construction of buildings and no focus was given to services delivery.

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