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On December 19, polls will take place for two tiers of local bodies in 17 districts of the province. Electorate will vote to elect chairman for tehsil councils besides voting to elect village and neighborhood councils. TNN has reviewed functions and powers of both tiers that will come into place after the elections.

Tehsil chairman powers and functions

Under the KP LG Act, chairman will head tehsil councils. On December 19, elections will take place for election of 61 chairmen of tehsil councils. Besides, five mayors will also be elected on the same day.

Under the law, chairman would be the head of the tehsil. He is bound to provide annual time-frame for infrastructure development and service delivery in his tehsil. Besides, the chairman will also coordinate with the district administration. In addition to this, he will be responsible for formulating tehsil’s annual development programme and its implementation.

Chairman will also present tehsil annual budget and biannual report before the tehsil councils. Besides he will also monitor government offices at tehsil level.

The chairman will also regulate markets and services in his areas through tehsil municipal administration. He is also empowered to recommend disciplinary action against tehsil local administration officials.

City mayor power and functions

The candidate elected as the head of the tehsil city council in district will be called the mayor. In the upcoming polls tehsil city councils of Kohat, Abbottabad, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar and Bannu will elect mayors.

Under the LG Act, mayors will be entrusted to approve proposals to construct public transport, mass transit, expressways, flyovers, bridges, roads and underpasses in their cities. Besides, sewerage treatment plants, flood protection works, hospital waste collection, parks and libraries will also work under mayor supervision.

Besides mayor office will also control city beautification, its land marks and community centers.

Village and neighborhood councils

Village and neighborhood councils form the grassroots tier of the local bodies system. These councils will have powers over implementation of local projects, identification of development projects and registration of death, marriages and child births.

Besides, these councils are also empowered to plan, sponsor and hold sports and cultural events. The councils will also monitor service providers at local level and sending reports about them to tehsil chairman besides collecting data about social indicators.


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