Fazal Subhan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa nomadic communities are facing problems in getting national identity cards.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) survey showed that nearly 52 per cent of the nomads have identity papers. However, majority of them done so through illegal means.

On the other hand, about 28 per cent of the nomads could not get identity cards for lacking birth certificates and other necessary documentation.

Besides 15 per cent nomads said that they avoid visiting National Database and Registration Authority due to maltreatment.

The nomads said that they were facing language barriers as well.

In addition to this, 5 per cent others said that they cannot afford to travel long distance to reach a NADRA office due to poverty.

On the other hand, only 15 per cent said that they did not face any problem in getting their identity cards.

Nomads or itinerant workers are among the poorest of the communities. Majority of them work as laborers to eke out a living.

Many of the nomads were also denied of government aid during the pandemic for lacking identity cards. Besides they were also left out of health card scheme for lacking identity cards.

Identity cards related troubles pile upon the tough lives the nomads live. Since they are always on the move, therefore, they to carry household items and families everywhere they go. Besides, they have to build links with local communities every time they locate to a new area.

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