NOWSHERA: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa women ombudsperson has taken notice of sexual harassment of a female teacher of a private school in Akora Khattak. The news was first reported by TNN from Nowshera where Asmat Bibi, a private school teacher has accused the principal of the school of sexually harassing her.

She has demanded that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government take action against the school owner and principal Amir Imran. In a video message that was widely circulated through social media, she alleged that after sexual harassment, when she spoke out against the principle, they are now threatening her of dire consequences and requested the government to provide her protection.

The schoolteacher Asmat has said she was teaching at Public Colligate School in Akora Khattak for the last five years. The schoolteacher said everything was going well, but since one and a half years, the school principal and owner, Amir Imran started teasing her. She alleged that Amir offered to marry her, but she rejected the offer saying that he was already married.

Asmat Bibi said she ultimately agreed to the principal’s marriage offer over his consistent requests and alleged that one day the principal called her to his office and tried to sexually abuse her where he tried her best to stop by telling him that he is ready to marry him. But, Asmat alleged, the principal did not stop and was adamant to sexually abuse her. “I cried and did everything to foil the attempt of the principal to rape her and managed to thwart the attempt of the principal to rape her and escaped from there,” Asmat Bibi alleged.

On the complaint of the schoolteacher, Akora Khattak Police have filed a case and arrested the school teacher. He was presented in the court, which handed over to the police on judicial remand.

The KP government has finally appointed Rukhshanda Naz, known women and human rights activist, as provincial ombudsperson under the Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010. Since KP government has appointed Rukhshanda as ombudsperson, this was the first ever notice taken by her.


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