PESHAWAR: The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) in its meeting approved 23 ADP funded project for tribal districts worth Rs 7147.277 million.

The approved projects of Rs.1602.250 million will be carried out in the Education sector, projects of Rs 3595.015 million will be completed in health sector, Rs 244.32 million are for research and development, For local government schemes Rs 963.872 million are allocated, for Power and energy Rs 400.00 million, Rs 18.510 million for urban planning and Rs.341.972 million are set aside for setting up the Area Development Authority.

These schemes will help improve service delivery and economic growth in merged areas and bring much-needed relief to the people.

The project to be carried on the tribal includes the provision of solid waste management vehicles and equipment to the existing and new municipal committees in transferred districts, provision of Municipal Services and Civic Amenities in Major Towns of South Tribal Districts, provision of support for high performing schools in Tribal districts, conversion of high performing schools into schools of excellence in Tribal Districts KP (Quick impact), provision of medicines and diagnostic materials for health facilities.

The approved project include the opening of 41 Community Health Centers (CHCs) and Community Dispensaries (CDs) in Mohmand district, 20 CHC/CDs in Khyber, opening of 11 in FR Peshawar, 07 CDs in Kurram, 15 in Orakzai, 24 in North Waziristan, 06 in FR Bannu, 18 in South Waziristan Agency, 07 in FR Tank and 08 CHC/CDs in FR DI Khan.

The approved projects also include the provision of furniture, equipment, bedding clothing in existing health facilities in Tribal Districts and subdivision. It also includes projects for population welfare program Tribal Districts.

A project for the solar electrification of 300 Masajids and worship places of non-Muslims in transferred Districts is also the part of approved projects.  Funds have also been approved for the construction of Chapare Charkhil Hydropower Project District Kurram.


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